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Cybersecurity and Cyberforensics Conference CCC 2016 (University Of Jordan, Amman - Jordan.  August 2-4, 2016)                                                          
Cyber security has become an important research and development area for academia, government, and industry in recent years. The advent of big data, social media and mobile technology growth and the coming of the internet of things (IoT) have led to new opportunities in cyber security and cyber forensic work. To counter this, a multidisciplinary effort involving stakeholders from cyber security, the legal profession, academia, public citizens, and law enforcement agencies is required. The Cyber security and Cyber forensics Conference (CCC 2016) brings together thought-leaders from these separate fields to discuss current and future approaches, technologies and legislation pertinent to the detection, prevention, investigation and prosecution of cybercrime and cyber attacks. The conference offers an interdisciplinary venue to discuss challenges, technologies, and emerging trends.
CCC 2016 invites researchers and practitioners from academia, industry and government, and accepts original, previously unpublished work. The scope of the conference is narrow to ensure a complementary match between capability and need. Papers should either be empirically or rationally based explorations of problems in cyber security and cyber forensic, or propose solutions and/or countermeasures to the most pressing cybercrimes.

All papers will be peer reviewed by three reviewers at least. Proceedings, all accepted papers will be published by Conference Publishing Services (CPS):

Authors of selected papers will also be invited to prepare extended papers of their work for publication in the special issue of the International Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensics,
Topics of Interest:
The CCC 2016 topics include (but are not limited to):
         ​·         Attack strategy analysis & modelling      
       ·        Cybercrime scenario analysis and reconstruction.

​·         Techniques for evidence collection, analysis and preservation.


·         Security & Social Networks.


·         Anomaly detection of web-based attacks.


·         Malicious Spam detection.


·         Botnet Detection and prevention.


·         Wireless Network Security and Forensics.


·         Cloud Computing Security and the Forensics of Big Data.


·         Privacy, ethical and legal issues.


·         Forensic Investigation of the Internet of Things.


·         Anti-Forensics and Data Hiding Techniques and Discoveries.


·         Malware Analysis and Memory Forensic Techniques.


·         Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).


·         System Forensic Techniques for Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.


·         File System Forensic Analysis.


·         Hacking Techniques: Client-Side Attacks.


·         Malicious Content Detection and Analysis Techniques.


·         Societal Impact of Cybercrime.


·         Defense against cyberterrorism.


·         Monitoring and incident response.


·         Tools and techniques for network forensics.


·         Methodologies for digital forensics.


·         Applications of Data Mining for Cybersecurity.


·         Cybercrime detection and prevention.


·         Mobile OS and embedded Devices Forensics.


·         Forensic software tools and applications.


·         Cybercrime Profiling.


·         Cybercrime: evolution, new trends and detection.


·         Anti-malware techniques: detection, analysis, and prevention.


·         Combating cybercrime: anti-phishing, anti-spam, anti-fraud techniques.


·         Privacy and anonymity technologies.


·         Intrusion prevention, detection, and response.


·         Cyberterrorism, Information Warfare & Critical Infrastructure Protection.​

Important Dates
Submission of Papers:                   6th June 2016 >>> extended 13th June 2016
Notification of Acceptance:           26th June 2016>>> extended 30th June 2016
Final Submission:                           8th July 2016
Author registration deadline:        11th July 2016
Conference dates:                            2 - 4  August  2016
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