Conference Topics
The CCC 2016 topics include (but are not limited to):
       Attack strategy analysis & modelling
       Cybercrime scenario analysis and reconstruction
       Techniques for evidence collection, search, analysis, correlation and preservation and presentation
       Security & Social Networks
       Anomaly detection of web-based attacks
       Malicious Spam detection
       Botnet Detection and prevention
       Wireless Network Security and Forensics
       Cloud Computing Security and the Forensics of Big Data
       Privacy, ethical and legal issues
       Forensic Investigation of the Internet of Things
       Anti-Forensics and Data Hiding Techniques and Discoveries
       Malware Analysis and Memory Forensic Techniques
       Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)
       System Forensic Techniques for Windows, Linux, Mac, etc
       File System Forensic Analysis
       Hacking Techniques: Client-Side Attacks
       Malicious Content Detection and Analysis Techniques
       Societal Impact of Cybercrime
       Defense against cyberterrorism
       Monitoring and incident response
       Tools and techniques for network forensics
       Methodologies for digital forensics
       Applications of Data Mining for Cybersecurity
       Cybercrime detection and prevention
       Mobile Forensics (e.g. Android and iOS devices) and the investigation of embedded devices
       Forensic software tools and applications
       Cybercrime Profiling
       Cybercrime: evolution, new trends and detection
       Anti-malware techniques: detection, analysis, and prevention
       Combating cybercrime: anti-phishing, anti-spam, anti-fraud techniques
       Privacy and anonymity technologies
       Intrusion prevention, detection, and response
      •      Cyberterrorism, Information Warfare & Critical Infrastructure Protection
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