Importance of the conference
This conference reflects the great importance and commitment by the two universities towards enhancing the theoretical and practical knowledge of all dimensions of performance sustainability and excellence. The conference seeks to attract research papers which contribute to the building of integrated system of excellence and sustainability, and positively affect the daily behaviors, actions and practices of employees in organizations, communities and society.  In addition, it is hopeful that the conference shed light on methods and means to strengthen values of better quality, sustainable growth, better exploiting advantage of opportunities and controlling risks and threats, and to eliminate weaknesses, which will lead  to increase job performance efficiency, and higher satisfaction among workers, customers and all stakeholders.
This conference is an attempt to promote the sustainability practices and excellence performance in organizations, as well as to enrich the Arabic library with a contemporary studies dealing with different aspects of performance excellence and sustainability. One of the objective of the conference is to draw attention toward priorities and issues of sustainability which include improving efficiency of resource use, encouraging innovations enhancing green performance that ensures a great protection of natural resources, and promoting long run investment projects that promote sustainable economic growth.
Another objective of the conference is to encourage organizations both profit and non-profit seeking to adopt integrated system of performance excellence and sustainability which at the same time abide to​​ good ethics and rules of accountability, transparency and integrity.
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