Objectives of the Conference
This conference aims to deepen the societal message of the University of Jordan and the Open University of Jerusalem by deepening the relationship between academics and business organizations through practical research and outreach activities. Specifically, the conference focuses on achieving the following set of objectives:
Highlight the role of uncertain environment  and how it affect the administrative, economic and political decision-making process.
provide new visions that  help  in creating  modern ideas on the economy and renewal.
provide an opportunity for interaction between researchers and academics from various local, regional and international universities.
come up with recommendations that  are based on scientific research results in order to help rationalizing economic  and administrative decision making process.
highlight the right of next  generations in economic resources.
stimulate profit and non-profit organizations to create and use more sustainable work procedures.
directing the efforts to  create best methods and practices to carry out various organizational processes and responsibilities.
strengthening research partnerships with private institutions.
deepen knowledge and consolidate it with modern ideas , theories and applications in the areas of sustainability and excellence performance in profit and non-profit organizations.
highlight the role of sustainability and performance excellence in  building a sustainable competitiveness and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness levels, with  the applications to a range of contemporary trends in in Arab organizations.
stimulate efforts and research acts through applied research and studies in the profit and non-profit organizations that focus on theoretical knowledge and practical applications of sustainability and performance excellence.
enrich the Arabic library with new and serious studies on the areas of sustainability and performance excellence.
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