IBDE 2023 welcomes authors to submit their full research paper based on the following guidelines and would consider giving graduate studies students the opportunity to display their paper in the form of a poster in the venue of the conference based on the poster guidelines.


  • Full Paper Submission Guidelines

  1. The conference language is English, and all papers should be submitted in only English language.
  2. The research topic should be related to one of the conference tracks, and interdisciplinary in more than one track are welcomed.
  3. Researcher’s name, affiliation (university/organization name and the country), email and address should be present on the first page before the abstract.
  4. The paper should include an executive abstract no more than 300 words that address the title of the research. The abstract should include all the scientific elements, such as the research problem, importance, objectives, justifications, methodology, procedures, tools, and recommendations. Abstracts that fulfill the criteria will be published in the conference book that will be distributed on the first day of the conference.
  5. Paper Structure should include Abstract, Keywords (3-5 keywords), Introduction, Literature review, Theoretical model, Methodology/Approach, Findings/Results, Conclusion, Implications/Recommendations, Acknowledgements (when appropriate), References and Appendices (when appropriate).
  6. The total word count for the research paper should be between 5000-7000 words and should not exceed 12 pages of length including all references and appendices.
  7. The paper layout should be one column portrait, with font type of times new roman and size of 12 for the text, font size 14 bold for the titles, line spacing of 1, with margins of 2.5 cm.
  8. Research papers that have been previously published or being submitted for publishing in other conferences or journals are not accepted- whether using the same research title or a different one.
  9. APA citation style should be used. References should be written in the body of the text after the quotation as follows, author’s family name, year of publication and page number.
  10. A color copy of the researcher passport must be submitted if attending in person.
  11. Rejected research papers do not receive any justifications.
  12. Participation form should be filled and submitted before the last day of registration deadline.
  13. The oral presentation should be in ppt format, and you will have 15 minutes for your research paper presentations. IBDE team will provide you with the necessary equipment upon request.

  • Poster Format (Graduate students)

  1. The poster size should be A1 international paper size. Materials, including the title, should not extend beyond the poster size.
  2. Design your poster so that it is easy to read and include some visuals or charts. Allocate the top of the poster for the title and authors’ names and affiliations. Remember the audience may have a short time frame to read your poster.
  3. Do not use foam core or any thick or multi-layered materials or pushpins directly on the poster boards. Please make sure that the material used for the poster allows it to be posted on the boards.
  4. All posters should be based on the submitted paper as accepted by the Scientific Committee.
  5. Please bring your poster with you.

 ​Correspondences and Submission Method

  • Research paper should be submitted via email to: ibde.research@ju.edu.jo​
  • General inquiry or questions about the IBDE 2023, should be submitted via email to:   ibde.inquiry@ju.edu.jo
  • All correspondences and inquiries related to the forum should be submitted via email to:ibde.forum@ju.edu.jo