About Conference
The School of Business at the University of Jordan (UJSB) invites you to submit your research papers to the Second International Business Conference on “Business Dilemma: Green, Ethical and Performance Requirements”, to be held at the University of Jordan-Amman on 27-29 May, 2014.
In keeping with the successful spirit of our previous conference on “International Business Environment”, we invite quality research papers that illustrate insight to the practice and theory of major priorities given the current challenges facing the world of business. This year, the conference theme will focus on business dilemmas facing today's corporations pursuing balance of the different tradeoffs needed to achieve firms' success: green considerations, ethical issues, and performance requirements. The purposes of the conference are:
1.      To mark the 51st anniversary of the faculty with the new brand name, “School of Business”.
2.      To create networking channels between academics from different fields around both the region and world,  and to create a platform for dialogue between researchers from developed and developing countries to present their research and exchange their ideas.
3.      To bridge the gap between research and practice with the objective of making management and economics research more relevant, while helping to invigorate and grow the practice of management and economics.