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The Third International Conference on Sport Sciences Healthy lifestyle and physical activity in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Under the slogan (Centennial of the state of Jordan and the sixties of the University of Jordan)

Welcome to the official website of the Third International Conference on Sports Sciences / Healthy Lifestyle and Physical Activity in Light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, which will be held virtually in the period from 16 – 17/ 3/2021 at the College of Sports Sciences at the University of Jordan in cooperation with a number of official bodies and partnerships for some international universities American, Australian, German, Malaysian, Japanese and Arabians. The conference aims to meet researchers and scientists in the field of sports sciences and physical education from different countries of the world to exchange ideas, experiences and scientific research results. The conference also focuses on some modern topics in the field of sports sciences and physical activity and its reflection on life in various aspects, including issues related to health fitness, motor abilities, psychological, mental, social, physical, physiological, medical, economic, informational, training, educational, and technological. The Third International Conference offers advanced business seminars in sports and health sciences, and provides a space for discussion and exchange of ideas between specialists around the world.

Keynote Speakers

INVIted Speakers

Physical acitivity of children and youth during the Covid 19- pandemie in Germany – results from the first Lockdown (May 2020)“ Germany

Unraveling five-year-collaboration in institutionalized German-Middle East-Maghreb-Partnership, Germay
The positives of COVID-19: From the perspective of the concepts of leisure and recreation

Swimming during the Corona time, Jordan

The psychological effects on children and youth in the time of Corona and the effect of home confinement, Austria

Challenges facing Australian Researchers during CoViD 19 and emerging opportunities in Physical Activity and Healthy life style, Australia
Effect of Isolation on Female and Male Athletes’ Quality of Life and Physical Activity Level during the COVID-19 Pandemic, France

Depression, Covid-19 Pandemic, and Exercise, USA