Field Visits
Petra, the Capital of Nabataean Arabs was founded c. 300 BC in the southwestern Jordan and was later annexed to the Roman Empire and continued until a large earthquake in 363 AD destroyed much of the city. Analysis of water systems in the city indicates that all possible water resources were exploited using reservoirs connected to continuous flow pipeline systems to maintain a constant water supply throughout the year. Moreover, water system contained sequential particle-settling basins to purify the drinking water supply. Open channels flow were designed to match springs supplies rates and indicate a high expertise in solving complex hydraulic problems in order to guarantee a stable water supply and consequently a flourishing city life.
Join us in the optional field trip to learn more about water systems in the rose-red city of Petra and to enjoy the tour in one of the world wonders. A one-day trip is organized for the interested participants. Visit fee is 90 US$ and covers transportation, entrance fee, guided tour and lunch.