Al Salam Alaikom (Peace be upon you)
Welcome to the School of Dentistry website. I would like to cordially invite you to the 3rd International & 13th Annual Conference of the School of Dentistry under the patronage of Prof. Abdel Karim Al Qudah/ President of Jordan University. The theme of the conference is “Excellence: Prevention, Treatment and Esthetics”. Excellence is a target we must all strive for in life and in our profession as dentists. Working towards excellence will help guide us throughout our professional life to be life long learners accruing knowledge and experiences. Prevention should be the main goal of every dentist in their practice and treatment should only be administered when it is needed. An increased awareness of esthetics among patients has led to an increase in demand. Excellence when providing such treatment is paramount, however, clinicians should maintain the highest ethical standards when providing treatment for esthetics alone and should not be driven by financial gain.
 We have invited a number of leading international speakers to present papers touching upon our theme. In addition, Faculty members from the School of Dentistry will present a number of excellent lectures. 
Professor Ahmad M Hamdan