​Spiritual Therapy in Palliative Care

International Conference

After the success of The first international conference in palliative care that was held in Amman-Jordan on the 7th. of November 2012. It is our pleasure and honor to invite you to the 2nd. International Conference in palliative care and the first in "Spiritual Therapy in Palliative Care" to be held at the University of Jordan in Amman/Jordan on December 7-8, 2016. The conference aims to provide an opportunity for health care professionals to exchange research evidence and innovative ideas. Main themes of the conference include:

Spiritual therapy, Spiritual Assessment, Meaning of spiritual care.

Additional themes include: Symptoms and pain management, End of life issues, Home care, Psychosocial aspects of palliative care, Complementary therapies.


As such, the second conference of palliative care welcomes and accepts presentations/posters of recent research based papers (including literature review) in the field of spirituality and palliative care from all over the world. For more information about the conference, please refer to the Conference Poster (click here).​

The conference director

Prof. Fathieh Abu-Moghli, RN,PhD, School of Nursing - the University of Jordan