About The Conference

It is with immense pleasure to welcome you to attend the 8th Annual conference of the Faculty of Dentistry /the University of Jordan, during 27-28 May 2015 at Amman, Jordan.

The 2015 annual conference continue the tradition of being an important meeting point of the Dental and Oral health professional’s community and an excellent forum for academics and professionals to present their results and discuss advancements in a wide range of areas of dentistry.

This year theme comes as the faculty celebrates it recognition by the European Association of Dental Education which is entitled:-

“Dental Education in the Arab World: a Look at the Future”

The conference provides two days of robust discussions and open style sessions on methods and strategies related to quality improvement of dental education as well as explore the applicability and integration of the new methods and concepts on dental education to our existing curriculum.

The conference invites participants from all leading universities, institutions and representative from the leading dental educational associations in Europe and United States.   In addition to active participation from the deans of the Arab Association of Dental Faculties to share their expertise and experiences on dental teaching and training.

As always Amman continues to retain its glamorous repetition of a modern yet reviving historic city that welcomes the entire participant to enjoy the so many attraction that Amman can offer.

We all looking forward to meet you at the conference.

Dr Iyad Al-Omari

Head of the Scientific Committee