The ICPNC COMMITTEE
-Prof. Dr. Maysoon AL-Nahar ( Dean, School of Archaeology and Tourism).

- Dr. Monther Jamhawi, General Director, Department of Antiquities, Amman, Jordan.

-Dr. Shaher Al-Momani (Dean of Scientific Research, UJ).

- Dr. Nada Al- Rawabdeh ( Academic, Department of Tourism Management, UJ).

- Dr. Adnan  Shiyyab (Chairman, Department of Archaeology, UJ).

- Dr. Ziad Alrawadieh ( Academic, Department of Tourism Management, UJ).

-Dr. Suleiman A. D. Farajat (Director of Media and Public Relations Department, UJ).

-  Dr. Patric Kreuz (Representative of German Academic Exchange Service "DAAD", JU).

- Dr. Barbra Porter, Director of the American Center of Oriental Research, Amman, Jordan (ACOR).

- Dr. Thibaud Fournet, (Institut français du Proche-Orient) (IFPO).

- Dr. Carol Palmer , Director of the Council of British Research in the Levant (CBRL).

- Dr. Katharina Schmidt, Director of the German Protestant Institute of Archaeology in the Holy Land Amman (DEIAHL).

- Dr- zeyad Al-Salameen (Dean, Faculty of Archaeology and Tourism, Al-Hussein University, Petra).

- Dr. Emad Hijazeen (commissioner of the Petra Archaeological Park).

-Mr. Mohanand Al-Tantawi, Commission Secretary of the Conference.