Scientific Program

Sunday, June 17: Arrival in Amman

Accommodatio​n in Amman, Grand Stay Hotel. Al Madina Al Munawara Street Tel: (+962) 6-5502222

Monday, June 18
9:00 AM
Departure​ from Amman*
12:00 PM
Check in to The Old Village Resort, Wadi Musa
1:00 PM
Chair: Suleiman A. D. Farajat
3:00–5:30 PM
Archaeology and Tourism: Sustainable Meeting Grounds – roundtable session with representatives of international and national research institutes
7:00 PM

* All Participants will depart from the university of Jordan at 8:30 Am and at 9:00 from the hotel by the University of Jordan buses to Petra.



Academic Program
Tuesday, June 19: Opening Ceremony and Lecture Sessions 1A-1B, 10:30 AM 5:40 PM
9:0010:00 AM
Registration, Sale Proceedings ICPNC II
Chair: John Healey
10:30 AM
Welcoming address by
- His Excellency Eng. Falah Alomoush, Chief Commissioner of the Petra Region Authority

- Professor Dr. Azmi Mahafzah, President of the University of Jordan

- His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal

12:001:30 PM
Lecture Session 1A
Chair: David Graf
1:30–1:50 PM
1:50–2:10 PM
2:10–2:30 PM
Zeyad al-Salameen (Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Ma'an, Jordan), Nabataean Echoes in the Eastern Harrah: New Evidence in the Light of Recent Fieldwork
2:30–2:50 PM
2:50–3:10 PM
3:10–3:30 PM
Lecture Session 1B
Chair: Zeyad al-Salameen
3:30–3:50 PM
Megan A. Perry (East Carolina University, Greenville, USA), Revealing Cycles of Mortuary Behavior in Petra
3:50–4:10 PM
4:10–4:30 PM
4:30–4:50 PM
Anna Accettola (University of California, Los Angeles CA, USA), Tracing Nabataean Trade in Ancient Greek Literature: An Analysis of Word Usage and Context
4:50–5:10 PM
7:00 PM
Wednesday, June 20: Lecture Sessions 2A-2F, 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Lecture Session 2A
Chair: Laurent Tholbecq
Lecture Session 2C

Chair: David Johnson
Cultural Exchange – Local Traditions
John Healey (University of Manchester, United Kingdom), Variation in Nabataean Aramaic
Gaby Abousamra (Lebanese University of Beirut, Lebanon), Nabataeans or Itureans in Mount Lebanon? About the Aramean Inscription of Yanouh
11:40–12:00 PM
Solaiman Abd Al-Theeb (King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), New Nabataean Inscriptions from al-ʿUlāʾ
12:00–12:20 PM
Regine Hunziker-Rodewald (University of Strasbourg, France), Drawings and Squeezes of Nabataean Inscriptions by Julius Euting (1839-1913)
12:20–12:40 PM
12:40–2:00 PM
Lecture Session 2D
Chair: Caroline Durand
11:40–12:00 PM
12:00–12:20 PM
12:20–12:40 PM
12:40–2:00 PM
Lecture Session 2E
Chair: Thibaud Fournet
2:00–2:20 PM
2:20–2:40 PM
2:40–3:00 PM
3:00–3:20 PM
Andrew M. Smith (George Washington University, USA), The Nabataean Rural Economy in the Hinterland of Petra
3:20–3:40 PM
Final Lecture Session 2F
Chair: Regine Hunziker-Rodewald
4:00–4:20 PM
Thibaud Fournet (IFPO Amman, Jordan), The Hanging Baths of Jabal Khubthah (Petra): Preliminary Conclusions Following the Archaeological and Architectural Studies (2014-2017)
4:20–4:40 PM
Craig A. Harvey & Sophie E. M. Tews (University of Michigan, USA), Bathing in Petra: Insights from a Newly Discovered Bath on the Petra North Ridge
4:40–5:00 PM
Zeid Adnan (Independent Researcher, Iraq) & Mohannad Al-Tantawi (University of Jordan, School of Archaeology and Tourism, Jordan) The Nabataean School of Painted Fine "Egg-Shell" Ware: Mythology and Concept
5:00–5:40 PM
Discussion, Acknowledgments, Proceedings, ICPNC IV
7:00 PM
Thursday, June 21, Field Trip, 8:00 AM 2:00 PM
Organizing: Suleiman A. D. Farajat (Petra Development & Tourism Region Authority)
Field Trip
8:00 AM 
Site Visit
12:00–1:30 PM
2:00 PM
Departure to Amman