Clinical Skills Competition Program
The Jordanian Clinical Skills Competition Program will be held during the 15th Scientific Congress of the Association of Pharmacy Colleges in the Arab World and the 3rd International Conference  of the Faculty of Pharmacy/ The University of Jordan, 9-11/October/2012
The goal of this competition is to  increases pharmacists' awareness of the importance of their role in direct patient care, and to realize their full potential as pharmaceutical care providers by developing a systematic approach to pharmacy practice and patient care.
This competition consists of three different parts:
1) Case study problem solving 
2) Evidence based medicine
3) Patient counseling 
Each participants can join one or more of the previous parts.
Who is eligible to participate in the competition?
Certified pharmacists with BSc or PharmD degrees,  sixth year PharmD students and fifth years  pharmacy students.
Deadline for participation:
2nd of September 2012
Organizing Committee:
Jordanian Clinical Pharmacy Committee / Faculty of Pharmacy – The University of Jordan
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