Workshop: How to publish in top business journals

Professor Ali M. Kutan will offer an academic workshop providing key guidelines and tips for preparing manuscripts for submission to peer-review, top international business journals that are included in the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI). The workshop targets Ph.D students, new assistant professors, and all others interested in publishing in peer-reviewed SSCI international journals. The workshop will last about 90-120 minutes. Below is an outline of the workshop.

(1)   Publication planning.

(2)   Writing a good paper: Is there a common process?

(3)   Finding the right journal: Is the target journal I select likely to publish my paper?

(4)   What do I need to do prior to submitting my paper?

(5)   How do I deal with rejections?

(6)   How do I handle a revision request?

(7)   How do I deal with referees’ comments and suggestions?

(8)   What are the chances that my revised paper will get published?

(9)   What are the most frequently asked other questions about publishing in top business journals?

(10)  Taking questions from the audience and wrapping up.