Call for Papers
The 1st International Conference and Forum on Business and Digital Economy 2023 (IBDE 2023)
​Organized by the University of Jordan - School of Business
University of Jordan
Amman- Jordan
May 16 – 18th, 2023



The first International Conference and Forum on Business and Digital Economy 2023 (IBDE 2023) is the premium conference and forum for researchers and practitioners in the field of Business and Digital Economy. The conference and forum embrace the multi and interdisciplinary nature of Business and Digital Economy to its fullest extent. This event will seek to bring together the finest research, business leaders and top government officials in seven main areas to exchange their experiences and develop the existing portfolio of theories, methods, practices and tools for managing and improving business and digital economy at large.

To accommodate this diversity, IBDE 2023 is structured into seven tracks related to the digital economy era: Business Management, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Information Systems, Public Administration, and Business Economics. Each track covers different thematic areas of interest and research. Accordingly, each track has specific evaluation criteria, a separate track chair, and a dedicated program committee. IBDE 2023 will be a chance for academics and practitioners from all corners of the globe to critically address issues related to these seven tracks and the whole business environment in a very challenging and chaining era. IBDE 2023 will seek to lead the development of new policy recommendations that can support the business and economic growth and prosperity especially in developing countries.

To leverage the work of our researchers, this unique event with will be accompanied by a policy forum that will present a space for top government officials, private sector leaders and academicians to exchange ideas, discuss potential paths of development in all seven areas covered by the academic conference. The forum will present a great opportunity for stakeholders in the business ecosystem to come together and reflect on shared experiences and lead the development of new areas of collaboration.

Therefore, IBDE 2023 invites all theoretical and empirical research, and/or country context case studies, to enable both academics and practitioners understand the effects of current development on the socio-cultural, economic and technological dimensions of future businesses. In addition, delegates will also have the opportunity to explore Jordan and visit Petra one of the new seven world wonders while networking with the most influential business and government leaders from all over the region.


IBDE 2023 Tracks and Topics of Interest:

The IBDE 2023 committee welcomes research papers addressing the following (and related) topics of interest in the following tracks:


1.      Business Management Track

1.1.   Knowledge Management and Innovation in Knowledge Economies

1.2.   Talent Management, HRM and Business Sustainability

1.3.   Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

1.4.   Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance

1.5.   Technology and Sustainability in Operations and Supply Chain Management

1.6.   Entrepreneurship and SME Development

1.7.   Innovation Management and Social Impact


2.      Accounting Track

2.1.   Financial Accounting

2.2.    Management Accounting

2.3.   Auditing

2.4.   AI and IS Applications in Accounting

2.5.   Tax Accounting

2.6.   Post COVID- 19 Challenges to Accounting and Auditing

2.7.   Accounting and Auditing to the Big Data Context


3.      Finance Track

3.1.   Financial Technology, Financial Inclusion and New Trends in Finance

3.2.   Financial Markets: Trading, Pricing, Volatility and Efficiency

3.3.   Banking and Risk Management

3.4.   Islamic Banking and Finance

3.5.   Derivatives: Trading, Pricing and Risk Management

3.6.   Corporate Finance: Corporate Funding and Capital Structure

3.7.   Corporate Governance, Mergers and Acquisitions


4.      Marketing Track:

4.1.   Digital Marketing and Emerging technologies

4.2.   Social Media Marketing

4.3.   Neuromarketing

4.4.   Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Marketing

4.5.   Branding

4.6.   Consumer Behavior and Marketing 

4.7.   Viral Marketing


5.      Information Systems Track

5.1.   The Internet Economy

5.2.   The Ecosystem of Digital Businesses

5.3.   Digital Transformation

5.4.   Smart Cities and Future of Transportation and Logistics

5.5.   AI in Business and Industry

5.6.   Big Data and IoT for Business

5.7.    Industry 4.0 Applications in Practice


6.      Public Administration Track:

6.1.   Digital Transformation in Public Sector

6.2.   Business - Industry - Government Collaboration

6.3.   E-Governance and Best Practices in Electronic Services within Public Sectors

6.4.   Institution Analysis and Development Framework

6.5.   Civil Service Reform

6.6.   Comparative Analysis of Public Administrative Systems

6.7.   Public Organization Theory and Public Policy


7.      Business Economics Track:

7.1.   The Impact of Digital Economy on Economic Development

7.2.   Poverty, Unemployment and Development

7.3.   Comparative Economics

7.4.   Green and Sustainable Trade Facilitation

7.5.   Economic Development

7.6.   National & Regional Economies

7.7.   Applied Economics


Publication Opportunity in Peer-reviewed Indexed Journals and Conference Proceedings 
 - All accepted research papers will be published in the conference proceedings. The Conference Proceedings will be published with an ISBN Number.
 - Each Paper will be assigned Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from Cross Ref.
 - The proceedings shall be submitted to Google Scholar for Indexing.
 - Selected high quality research papers will be given the opportunity to be published in a special journal issue indexed in Scopus, Web of Science, and DOAJ.
 - The decision of whether or not any of the papers can be included in the journal publication remains at the full discretion of the journal editors.​

We encourage you to invite colleagues to participate in the conference and submit original research for the conference Call for Papers.

 - For more information about the conference, please feel free to contact the us directly via email at: