Supreme Administrative Committee

·         Chair: Prof. Imad Salah - Vice-President of the University of Jordan for Palnning, Development and Financw Affairs, Chairman of the Center of Consultations and Training at the University of Jordan, and Chairman of the Committee of Conferences at the University of Jordan.

·     Co-chair: Prof. Yehia Abdel Latif - Chairman of the Board of Directors - Integrated Development Academy for Training and Consultancy.

·     Chairman of the administrative and preparatory committee for the Conference: Dr. Mohamed Al Maaqqbeh - Manager of the Center of Consultations and training- Unversity of Jordan.

·     ​Vice - chairman of the administrative and preparatory committee for the Conference:           Dr. Abdullah Sartawi - Manager of The Integrated Development Academy.


·         Dr. Iyad Muslih - Integrated Development Academy


·         Dr. Hiyam Alkayed - Director of Training, Consultancy and Studies - University of Jordan


·         Ms. Farah Al-Majali - Head of the Consultations and Studies Division - University of Jordan