Participation instructions

Participation instructions

·         The research paper has to be among the topics of the conference.

·         Submission of the research paper (in full) no later than 1st April 2020. The abstract should not be delivered on its own.

·         Theresearch paper could be presented in either Arabic or English.

·         The research paper should include anabstract in Arabic and another one in English. The abstract should executive, revised linguistically and scientifically, and shall not be less than 400 words and not more than 600 words including the title of the research participation (with the name of the researcher, the name of the university - or the institution - and the name of the state). In addition, the abstract should cover all the scientific elements that must be included in abstracts of research, such as the research problem, the importance of the paper, its objectives, justification, research boundaries, the scientific methodology used, procedures, tools etc. The abstracts comply with these standards will be published in the abstract booklet distributed at the Conference on its first day.

·       The number of research paper words should range from 5000 to 7000 words printed on WORD with plain font 14 for text, bold 14 for titles with a distance of 1.5 ,in Arial font,  and with 2.5 cm margins for all sides.

·         The curriculum vitae of the researcher / researchers should be attached along with the research paper specifying the general specialization, exact specialization, degree, scientific rank, university from which he/she graduated, and the university or institution in which he/she currently works.


·         A collared copy of the researcher's passport should be attached to the research paper.


·         The administration of the conference is not obliged to submit a report on the reasons and justifications for rejecting the participants rejected by the scientific committee.


·     Fill out the submission form of the research participation.