Conference Objectives

The objectives that the conference seeks to achieve:

      · Explore the future of legal and procedural legislation, compliance and institutional governance to enhance the security and protection of banking information.


       ·The role of international standards in enhancing banks' commitment to information security.


·  Develop and enhance the role of electronic auditing systems and internal control systems for the security and protection of banking information and the reliability of financial reports.

· Enhance the role of banking information technology in banking risk management.


   · Looking ahead to the future of the ICT industry in enhancingthe security and protection of banking information.


    · The banking industry in light of the progress of the electronic systems and the assistance of the higher departments of banks and the supervisory bodies in the strategic planning.


      · The challenges facing Islamic banking, administratively, legitimatelyand technologically, in light of technological and informational changes.

·Enhance the protection and confidentiality of customerinformation and the ways of promoting awareness and training.


· Information systems and their role in enhancing financial inclusion.