§  Prof. Ra'ed Masa'deh, Head of the Scientific Research Committee.
§ Dr. Ashraf Bany Mohammed, Deputy Dean for Graduate Studies.
§  Dr. Fuad Kreishan, Deputy Dean for Administrative Affairs.
§ Dr. Abdel Hakim Akhorshaideh, Deputy Dean for International Relations and Partnerships Affairs.
§ Prof. Diana Abughunmi, Member of Scientific Research Committee.
§ Prof. Mahmoud Maqableh, Member of Scientific Research Committee.
§ Dr. Motasem Thneibat, Head of Business Management Department.
§ Dr. Omar Mowafi, Head of Accounting Department.
§  Dr. Mohammad Tayeh, Head of Finance Department.
§ Dr. Samer Hamadneh, Head of Marketing Department.
§ Dr. Mohammad Al-Nawayseh, Head of MIS Department.
§ Dr. Mohammad Hunitie, Head of Public Administration Department.
§ Dr. Raad Al-Tal, Head of Business Economics Department.
§ Ms. Aman Alsoub, Member of the Scientific Research Committee at the Jordan University Business School.​