ICFDA'18 Awards

1. Mittag-Leffler Award: FDA Achievement Award 
FDA Award Committee shall be responsible for conducting a ballot to select a recipient for the FDA Achievement Award (Mittag-Leffler Award). The selection of an individual to receive this award will be made on the following basis. The Award is given for a cumulative contribution to the field of “Fractional Derivative and Applications.” The Award is to be made once per two years. An individual may receive the Award only one time. Members of the FDA Award Committee cannot be nominated to receive the Award.

Award Winner: Shaher Momani 

2. Riemann-Liouville Awards: Best FDA Papers (theory, application) 
A member of the Award Committee cannot be an author of the best papers. 

Award Winners: HongGuang Sun and Patrick Lanusse 

​3. Grünwald-Letnikov Awards: Best Student Papers (theory, application)
To be qualified for the best student paper award, the first author must be a student or post-doctor. The author must indicate that the paper is submitted for consideration of the best student paper award in author's comments when the paper is submitted on-line. A member of the Award Committee cannot be an author of the best student papers. 

Award Winners: Iqbal M. Batiha, Jiamin Wei and Ang Li

4. FDA Dissemination Award 
FDA Dissemination Award is given to an individual whose activities during the last five years are the most active in dissemination of Fractional Calculus among the scientific community, industry and society. ​

Award Winner: Reyad El-Khazali

5. Anatoly A. Kilbas Award 

This award will be given for mathematicians working in Fractional Calculus.​

Award Winner: Malgorzata Klimek

6. Rudolf Gorenflo Award for young researches in Fractional Calculus (numerical methods, applications in physics)
This award is granted to the young researches (until the age of 32) for excellent contributions to numerical methods of FC and/or applications of FC in physics- the areas where the late Professor Rudolf Gorenflo made significant contributions.

Award Winner: Entsar Abdel-Rehim

7. Innovation in Fractional Calculus

This award is granted to inventors of new patents which address major problems and have a great perspective by use of fractional calculus in real world applicatons. ​

Award Winners: Guo-Cheng Wu and Dumitru Baleanu