Special Sessions

Guidelines for Special Sessions:

Session proposals have no page length requirement, but are typically in the 2-6 page (single column) range. Reviewers appreciate concise documents.


1.  In the introduction, proposals should inform the reviewers why the topic is relevant to the fractional differentiation and its applications (i.e., the topic should be clearly motivated).

2.   An objective should be clearly stated, that is, an explanation of what is meant to be accomplished by organizing this session.

3.   Following the introduction, the organization of the session should be described. List the 6 papers, and their authors, to be included, explain briefly what they are about and why they are included. Discuss briefly how these 6 papers comprise an interesting and cohesive session on the topic.

4.     References should be included as needed. Figures are optional but may be included as desired.

5.    After submitting your Special Session proposal, you will be given a session code. All authors in your session should submit their papers using this session code.

    Session organizers must submit their proposals with enough advance time so that authors have time to submit their papers before the deadline, February 15, 2018. ​


NOTE: All Special Session papers will be reviewed individually, using the same process as for regular paper submissions. It is possible that the session may be accepted, but not all the associated papers are accepted. In this case, your session will be filled with submitted papers which will be assigned by the Program Committee. ​