Travel and Local Information
Transportation options
1. Airport Taxi 
Pick-up: Airport 
Destination: Amman (including Amman Marriott Hotel)
Trip duration: 40-45 mins 
Cost: 22±5 JOD (approximately: 31±7 USD) 

2. Shuttle Bus (available every 30 minutes) 
Pick-up: Airport 
Destination: 7th Circle 
Bus ticket price per individual: 3.30 JOD (approximately 5 USD) 

• From the 7th Circle, you will need to take a taxi to the desired destination. 
* A Taxi from 7th Circle to Amman Marriot Hotel, the fare should not exceed 5 JOD (approximately 7 USD).

For any assistance, please contact:
Amman Marriott Hotel Phone: (06) 560 7607 
Address: Issam Al Ajlouni Street Shmeissani Amman JO 11190, Issam Al-Ajlouni St., Amman

Zaina Abu Khdair/ ICFDA’18
Mobile: +962799709792​